Commissioned every four years by Churches Together In Leominster.
Written by Mr Ian Sorley
Edited, with his kind permission, & extra scenes by Sue Downey.
Last performed by members of Leominster churches & community on
Good Friday April 6th 2012.


Good Friday 25th March 2016
A Costumed Reading of the Passion of Christ will take place
in Corn Square at 11.30am


The 4-Yearly Passion Play performance takes place in the market town of Leominster, Herefordshire in processional form in 12 locations.

We aim to present the key events of Holy Week from Palm Sunday to Easter Day in a manner that the people of Jerusalem might have experienced those real events over 2000 years ago.

Not everyone in Jerusalem witnessed every aspect of the last week of Our Lord’s earthly life. Now, as then, we hope people will talk about what they have seen. Some, we pray, will want to know more. Some people may want to come to Easter services throughout the town. Some will reject us as mad, out of date, or deluded. Whatever the response to our re-telling of ‘the greatest story ever told’ some will come to Easter Celebrations with a renewed knowledge, faith or gratitude for God’s gift of salvation because of the birth, life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Although performed on Good Friday, in recent productions we included scenes from the Christ’s resurrection story. This should better portray the fact that Christians believe that the cross was not, & is not the end, of His story. Rather, Christian faith is placed in the Risen Living Jesus, not, as some have suggested, ‘a good but dead bloke’.